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I have been teaching art for over 25 years.  Students range from age 3 to beginner adult. Currently my individual art lessons are all taught online.  To book lessons or inquire, you can email me at, or you can use the contact form below.

About the Lessons

Mom and Tot

Cherry blossom tree

Mom and Tot lessons: For the youngest children, beginning at age 3, the mother (or other adult) and the child work together in the lessons.  We work to create an atmosphere of beauty, self-expression, and fun. In the process we devlop fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity. Depending on skill level, children may be able to move to one-on-one lessons by age 4 or 5.


Age 4

Children’s Individual Lessons:  We continue developing skills, imagination and creativity in an atmosphere of beauty, self-expression, and fun.  We also start introducing art fundamentals and materials.  At about 6 we start working in the style of great artists.  We also bring in a bit of art history, with interesting stories about great artists. Throughout we maintain age appropriate fun and silliness that helps hold a child’s interests and love of art.

Teen’s Individual Lessons:  We continue as with children’s lessons, but with greater emphasis on fundamentals and materials.  For those interested in eventually pursuing art at the college level we can work towards putting together a portfolio, which is often required for admission to an arts program.

Adult Beginners: With adult beginners we emphasize skills, fundamentals, and materials, with a bit of art history that helps create an understanding of styles and the various periods of art. Materials typically include drawing pencils, charchoal, acrylics, goache and more. Technique typically includes how to use lights and darks, balance, rhythm, perspective, color wheel, tonal rows, and textures.  We’ll apply and develop technique through drawing, and painting.


Beginning Adult

Group Lessons:  Group lessons online can be challangeing, especially if the students are at significantly different skill levels.  But sometimes it is a workable approach.  I am willing to discuss group lessons if they are something you think might work best for you.


  • Kids lessons up to age 12 are $25 for up to an hour.  We schedule an hour, but sometimes youger children can’t stay engaged for the full hour.
  • Teen and adult lessons are $45 per hour.
  • Materials: I will provide guidance on materials, which can mostly be obtained from Amazon.  Materials cost can vary.
  • In addition to online classes, in-person lessons may be available for local students later in 2021.  In-person classes are given in my studio and are $50 per hour.

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