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Roberta MilesI love owls and loved painting this one! If you like it, there are prints available.  If you want the original, sorry, it’s already sold. But maybe you’ld like to have it on a mug or a t-shirt, or…?  To check out all the options, click the button below.

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Roberta MilesWant a portrait done? Of yourself?  Your pet?  Your favorite Celebrity?   Shoot me a message!

Art Lessons for Kids and Adults

Roberta MilesWant to learn how to draw and paint?  Want your kids to learn? Let me know and we’ll get it going!

Want Art on a Mug? Or T-Shirt? Or…?

That can be arranged!  Many of my pieces of art can be had on mugs, t-shirts, and more. Visit the store and find your next treasure!

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